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IT Support & Infrastructure

LBO Technology provides our customers with world-class, end-to-end IT services for technical and business operations facilities, science and numerous other support areas. From LAN/ WAN and help desk to full life cycle IT System Management (ITSM) support transformation, we consistently deliver innovative, customer-focused, high-quality IT support. We provide all of our customers with sound IT solutions based on their life cycle needs, risks, requirements and industry best practices.

Program Management

LBO program managers oversee the operational aspects of an ongoing project and are responsible for leading, organizing, budgeting and managing staff Our program managers excel at supervising program execution, recruiting and training staff, providing updates on project status, and making sure the program schedule is respected

Software Development

As federal and commercial organizations strive to deliver enhanced services, information technology (IT) becomes the foundation of every significant operation. Software and applications are vital to the effectiveness of all IT processes and systems. We are dedicated to the success of our clients and we work with their engineers and managers to deliver the right solutions within the given time and budget.

Diversity, Empathy & Inclusion Training

We are is designing a program strategy based on social science and private-sector research that pairs mentees and mentors of different gender, race, ethnicity, ages and cultural backgrounds. This program offers mentees the career information, verbal support, important introductions and supportive role models. The training course includes presentations & training materials, individual/group activities and guides for the trainers to administer the course.

Professional Services

LBO Consulting provides full spectrum acquisition services support, human capital management life cycle support and executive administrative services with hands-on management experience at the highest levels of government. We always provide qualified and experienced staff who bring a high level of professionalism and have earned a positive service reputation in the industry.

Cyber Security

Choosing the right cybersecurity services partner is critical. You need a partner with deep expertise in defending against a growing universe of threats. You need a partner with broad experience to fill in whatever gaps exist in your security capabilities and know-how. And you need a partner with comprehensive education and skills to enable you to put together the perfect mix of defenses for your unique security challenges.

LBO Technology

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